Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Happiness - wanting and liking

Today we will simplify the definition of happiness. Happiness has a different meaning for different people. For some it might be simple sensory pleasures, for some it might be abundance.

So lets understand what Happiness means to you.

1. Write your definition of happiness.
2. Write a list of 3 or more things that make you happy in the way that you have defined it.

Thanks everyone for the active participation in this challenge to increase Happiness levels.

However if  you haven't followed it the right way so let me tell you more about this program and why it should be followed exactly how its mentioned....

Just like how we do a particular exercise for arms to build biceps and do a different set of exercise to build 6 pack abs....the same goes for building different areas of our brain, gratitude strengthen different parts and happiness a different area.

Infact Happiness obtained when wanting something and liking it uses different neurological circuits in our brains.  😳

So it may happen that you want a cheese cake however may not like it vice-versa you may not want do exercise however will like the results of exercising. Brain really is a strange place!!!

I am sure everyone would have experienced not liking the situation after a conflict even though you were proven to be right.
This is a classic example of how we want to be right yet dont like it once we are right after a conflict with a dear one.

This happens because of the ways our brains have evolved in three different layers...
1. Reptilian brain mostly used for self preservation
2. The limbic system or the emotional brain
3. The neocortex or the conscious brain.

When we want something.... Its our primitive brain signals
However when we like something...  Its more of conscious brain work.

This 21 days of  Happiness helps you consciously develop a few habits so that they are hard-wired in the subconscious mind by repeatedly doing the same thing.

For example when you first learnt driving you would have been very conscious about when to press the accelerator, break or clutch simultaneously looking at the rear view mirror and also turning the steering wheel right or left.
However after practice it becomes effortless where now you can listen to music or chat with a co-passenger even while driving safely.

So to sum it following these 5 simple tasks daily can improve your Eudaimonic Happiness (happiness associated with a sense of purpose or a meaning in life) as well as Hedonic Happiness (associated with sensory pleasures)

So whatever be you definition of Happiness and the ways you can achieve it... Make sure to follow one of them today along with the 5 daily tasks.

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