Thursday, 28 January 2016

Start 21 days of Happiness

We all are Happy, Joy is our very nature within.
Even the top 10% happiest people of the world experience joys and sorrows just like us.
So what's the difference between them and us?
Their Happiness baselines or average are higher.
(In simple words India and Nepal experience Summer as well as Winter; however when we compare the baseline temperatures - India has higher temperatures)

The habits we follow these 21 days helps us increase our baseline of Happiness!!!

Happiness is a choice scientifically. If followed with diligence and open mindedness these 23 minutes daily tasks for 21 days can rewire our brains for Happiness.

It requires continuous effort to discover and master the skill of Happiness.

Whenever we face an obstacle on the path to Happiness we change our mindset or our behaviour.
Example -
1. When Happiness is missing in relationships we charge our minset as 'This is my family and thats how I need to accept them'...We hardly change our behaviour to turn the situation around.
2. When Happiness is missing at Work we change our Behaviour as 'Being disciplined or well mannered in front of boss/clients'... However our mindset still remains the same towards them.

This challenge is an attempt to change both our mindset as well as behaviour.

Challenge Details.....

Here's a unique program 21 DAYS OF HAPPINESS by Shawn Achor which can help us all...

It consists of 5 activities that you commit to doing everyday for 21 days (that’s only 3 weeks… you can do anything for 3 weeks).

TASK 1. Gratitude Journal - 2min task
Record 3 new things that you’re grateful for with reasons as well (this will rewire your brain to recognize and look for the positive)
Example -
1. I am grateful for WhatsApp as it helps me to spread Happiness in the lives of others
2. I am grateful to the clean drinking water which I get so easily as it keeps me well hydrated
3. I am grateful to my parents for their excellent upbringing

TASK 2. Happiness Journal - 2min task PLEASE DON'T GO BEYOND 2M
Write about one positive experience from the past 24 hours in detail (this will help your brain to relive that positive memory in lieu of the negative or embarrassing ones which tend to take up space in our heads)
Example - I watched a movie with family today, it was fun, the movie had some breathtaking scenery, the story made me realise that we are the authors of the story of our own lives, we had a late dinner post the movie and an ice cream too :)

TASK 3. Exercise - 15min task
Do 15m of simple, fun cardio exercise just for this challenge
This teaches your brain that your behaviour matters. The key with this is to do manageable amounts of exercise every day (one day could – and should – be a stretching day). You don’t want to burn yourself out. You’re teaching yourself discipline, and proving to yourself that you can follow through on your promises)
Example -brisk walking, playing tennis / any other sport with friends

TASK 4. Meditation or Attention training - 2min task at same time
This will help you to get over the cultural ADHD that exists all around us, and will allow your body and mind to focus on the task at hand).
Example - At work, stop whatever you are doing just take hands of the keyboard for 2min and just observe the breath as it goes in and out. Post 2min resume the work.

TASK 5. Random Acts of Kindness - 2min task
Kindness can be expressed in many different ways. However the task here is to develop social connections as well as show gratitude. Hence this task need that we write a short thank you note to a person with reason.
Example - I am thankful to my maths teacher who helps me learn maths and also disciplined me to spare 30min daily to do the maths exercises during school days.
#Now writing this note took just 2m however it me a lot of time to find the teacher and give the note.
Hence I suggested that we use emails, WhatsApp or even a phone call to deliver this message easily. So when you open your e-mail, or twitter, or Facebook – write one positive post or e-mail that praises or thanks someone in your social support network…
#You need to write a note to 21 different people in a span of 21days.

It’s a fantastic change. Just difficult enough to make a difference, but not so hard that it becomes daunting. Many of the components of this program take no time at all. It’s really more of an awareness thing.

So get started from tomorrow take out 23min each day for the next 21days.

Its important that we all must first understand our Happiness levels now and then at the end of 21days.

The best measure of Happiness is self analysis. So if this were a 100 meters race please try to understand where you stand. However if you find it difficult to rate yourself you can try this Happiness Test

Quick Recap of the 5 daily tasks...
1. Write Gratitude Journal with 3things u are grateful for with reasons
2. Write Happiness Journal with brief description of happy moment in last 24 hours
3. Do 15m cardio exercise
4. Do 2m attention training/meditation
5. Practice Random act of Kindness by writing a letter of Gratitude to a person you know and ensure that the message is delivered.


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