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Do you know how the term visualization has become a seriously hot topic? Ever since the hit movie “The Secret” people have be opening up to the unlimited potential you and I possess.

Do you want to know the scary thing about it?
Most people are NOT manifesting their dreams, goals and desires. 

Yes it’s completely true there are many people who have experienced AMAZING results since movies like The Secret, but how many people are actually CONSISTENTLY applying the Law of Attraction with great success?

There is a certain syntax, a recipe for success if you will. This recipe is definitely not generic, in fact, it’s personalised for you! There are certain misconceptions that many people have about the term visualisation. So let’s set the record straight and give you some new awareness that I know will help you start to achieve the life you truly want to live and ABSOLUTELY deserve to live!

Attaining Success Using The Tool Of Visualization

A study shows that the majority of sportsmen and women, who win at prominent international events, are trained to use the tool of visualization to achieve success. Many months before the actual event, they visualize i.e. they create pictures of success inside their minds that they have already achieved their goal. The same principle of visualization is also used to cure patients from major illnesses including cancer. Patients are taught to visualize their diseased organs free from illnesses or visualize the organs receiving healing energy in some form or the other. 

Visualization helps people to have 100% belief in themselves that they will achieve the desired goal.

The efforts made with this powerful energy of belief have a greater probability of success than when you make the efforts without believing in what you are doing and without visualizing yourself as achieving your objectives.

If you think about your failures from the past, you stop believing in yourself, lose your enthusiasm and get frustrated.

Visualizing images of a positive future helps you work from the present towards the future, without allowing the past failures to have any negative influence on you. You visualize yourself as a person, who has already overcome his fears and negative habits, and the fears are removed and the negative habits are transformed. You see yourself already transformed E.G. you say - I am a soul full of all powers and not - I am going to or am trying to fill myself with all powers. The POWER of that vision and the positive affirmations, combined together, is such that it helps you to bring about a major change in yourself, not just a small change, because you make it easy for your sub-conscious mind that is sleeping to wake up and realize its potential. You stop always expecting the worst and hope for, VISUALIZE and BELIEVE in the best.`

Secret #1 – Emotion Is The Key

What does emotion stand for? Energy in Motion. When most people think of the term visualisation they think of what? Visualising something on the screen of their mind, right? If you are visualising however you are NOT  fully emotionalising your intentions and getting excited about what you want to accomplish, acquire and achieve then your chances of actually manifesting whatever you are visualising are second to none. Sorry to be blunt.
Think about it…this is a FEELING based Universe. When you get completely engulfed with emotion and FULLY emotionalise all your visualisation with absolute joy,  love and excitement then THAT’S when you will begin to manifest all your dreams and desires. Thinking about it alone is not strong enough. Get Excited and TRULY passionate about your visualisation sessions and begin to watch the magic unfold.
How To Tip: Start listening to your favourite music while visualising. You can also try neuro associate linking. Which is a little more advanced but still simple. I want you to think of something in your past that made you happy….have it? Once you have that thought immediately switch back to your new visualization session. That is another trick to help amp up the emotion and get you into a higher vibrational frequency.

Secret #2 – Time Is Not A Factor

What did I do when I first began practising visualising? I invested countless hours, I mean COUNTLESS hours into seeing everything in perfect detail. The good news is that you can learn from my mistakes!
I am very serious when I say visualizing everyday should only take you 2-3 minutes. That’s it. Not 10, not 20, not even 30 minutes a day. Emotion is more important here than time frame. You can pour more emotion into visualizing in a 10 second idea or thought than a 10 minute visualization. That my friends is the key and essentially important to apply.
How To Tip: Listen to your favorite music and really get excited!! The great news is that most songs are only 2-3 minutes long. Make it a habit to listen to one of your favorite tracks and let your thoughts flow. I can guarantee you this WILL get you totally Amped about all your goals and dreams!

Secret #3 – I Can’t See Clearly

The biggest misconception I find when others begin visualizing is that that assume they must see the images clearly in their mind. Clarity is key, however Emotion is much more important.
You know how we all process information differently, well if you are more kinesthetic then analytical chances are you may have a challenge seeing the image on the screen of your mind.
So what does this mean?
You don’t have to see it…..feel it. Remember we live in a feeling based Universe. Most people get caught up on the term “VISUALization.” Give yourself a break, don’t work at this and let everything flow. You’ll be amazed what will happen next in your life.
How To Tip: What feelings, sensations, and rushes of energy do you experience when you visualize? Focus on those and let THOSE feelings rush out. Focus on how you feel and let all the details figure themselves out. Be sure to find a quiet place to relax away from noise or distractions.

Secret #4 – Don’t Have A Set Schedule

Why do this? Simply because you are training your brain to be spontaneous. If everyday you visualize at 7am on the dot for 3 minutes chances are you are going to get bored! I know for myself taking this kind of approach usually sent me to losing my emotional buy in over time.
Be sure to mix it up and be spontaneous with visualizing. This is essentially KEY to keeping your emotional excitement levels at 10. Just as an artist can have an inspiration at a moments notice, you need to take the same approach too. When you feel that creative urge to visualize that’s the time to take those 2-3 minutes and REALLY jump into your new reality. Keep it new and exciting!
How To Tip: Whenever you feel excitement and rush of emotions invest the time then for a few short minutes to Visualize. Don’t wait until later for your “set routine.” Take the action and feel it while those emotions are present.

Secret #5 – Expand Your Vision

Here’s what I can share with you (this is extremely important!). Most people based their visualizing upon what they think they can achieve, not what they WANT to achieve. What do you TRULY want in your life? What do you want to acquire, accomplish, and become?
When I first heard this I was simply blown away! I had never asked myself this before and really struggled to come up with an answer. I’ve now reached a point in my life when anything I visualize about is obtainable to me. You wouldn’t have the desire unless you had the ability to achieve it.
Wherever your visualizing takes you let it. Let your mind expand because very often the Universe (or whatever you want to call it) has much Bigger Plans then we even anticipated. From now on TRULY invest into yourself and base your decisions on what you really want in your life, not what you think you can achieve.

How To Tip

Before you begin visualizing be completely open minded and relaxed. Be open to new possibilities and ideas that you may never have thought of before. Often times I’m amazed of the incredibly powerful ideas that come from my visualizing  by allowing myself to open up to the infinite possibilities in this life. Be sure to do the same…’ll be amazed to say the least.

Just 5 minutes will work wonders

Here's how to do it...

Whenever you have 5 minutes of free time in the day think about a problem. E.g., losing weight 

Spend 2 minutes to see, hear or feel the best possible outcomes 
E.g, Achieving the ideal weight 

Spend the next 2 minutes to feel the joy of this possibility 
E.g., Feel joyful about the ideal weight you achieved

Spend the last minute in letting go by thinking or saying - "This or something better, happens in a joyful and harmonious way, under ideal timings, for the highest benefit of all"

Are you ready to try this? 

So what do you think? 

If you apply these small ideas they will lead to big change in your life.

You Can Do It - It's Possible!

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