Friday, 22 January 2016

Summary - Shawn Achor

We all have experienced unhappiness as well as happiness in our lives.
This 21-Days Of  Happiness is about increasing Happiness.

Let me explain in a simpler way...

Its an old story about Akbar Birbal..
Akbar drew a line on sand with a stick and asked Birbal to make it short without erasing it or cutting it from between.
Birbal being the brilliant one went and drew another line next to Akbar's line a bit longer than the first one.
Aha the first line automatically became shorter than the second.

The same concept applies to Unhappiness in our lives...
Most of the times people are unaware of what is increasing the unhappiness in their lives hence cant cut it short or erase it.

This 5 happy habits just helps people draw a bigger line of Happiness next to the already existing Unhappiness line and automatically Happiness is the the longer line which successfully shortened unhappiness.


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